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Wood-style Flooring Laminate flooring ($1-6/sq ft) pros are that it snaps in place, looks like wood, scratch resistant but cons are that it can't be refinished and lacks asthetic value of wood.

Wood flooring ($4-20/sq ft) pros are pleasant look and can be refinished but cons requiring professional installation and needs to be properly sealed.

8-30-07 Atlanta Journal-Constitution NW13
Vinyl v. Ceramic Tile style Flooring Vinyl flooring ($0.50-6/sq ft) pros are high quality, resists sratches, dents, softer than tile (fewer dish/glass breaks), but main con is that it looks like vinyl.

Ceramic tile ($3-10/sq ft) pros are durability, easier to keep clean, many colors and styles but cons are professional installation, hard on dishes/glasses, and cold on feet.

8-30-07 Atlanta Journal-Constitution NW13
Coutertops Corian countertops ($45-75/sq ft) pros are many colors and patterns, doesn't stain, scratches & burns may be bufe out, and lasts a lifetime but cons are it doesn't gain charater over time.

Marble countertops ($65-95/sq ft) pros are number of colors, good for rolling dough, and ages well but cons are edges can chip, surface is porous and needs repetitive sealant, or it may stain.

8-30-07 Atlanta Journal-Constitution NW13

Definitely consider kitchen and bathroom improvements (but don't over-do-it) making the biggest difference. Painting the interior and updating electrical system are important as well. Remember, you will be competing with other resales in your neighborhood and all the new homes in the area.